It is useful to know how to bend a piece of glass tubing, especially if you are interested in chemistry and want to set up some apparatus - in fact you should know how before you ever start to experiment.

There are just two things you need to bend glass tubes with and these are (1) a Bunsen burner 94 and (2) the glass tubing, both of which you can buy of Eimer and Amend, Fourth Avenue, Cor. 18th Street, New York.

What a Bunsen Burner Is

This is a burner in which a jet of ordinary illuminating gas is mixed with air, the amount being regulated by a ring which opens and closes the air holes in the burner.

94 Complete instructions for making a Bunsen burner will be found in The Magic of Science by the present author and published by Fleming H. Revell Co., New York.

A Bunsen burner makes a very hot flame because the gas in the tube moves faster than in an ordinary burner and the oxygen in the air aids the gas to burn. A plain Bunsen burner is shown at A, in Fig. 87. If you have no gas in your house you can use an alcohol lamp 95 which you can either buy or make for yourself.

Bending the Glass Tube

To bend a piece of glass tube you should have a fish tail jet set in the end of the Bunsen burner to give a wide flame like an illuminating burner as shown at B. Hold the tube over the flame of the burner, or alcohol lamp until it is heated red hot all along the place you want to bend it.

Bending the Glass Tube 211

Fig. 87. Kinds Of Bunsen Burners

Now turn the tube in the flame with your fingers until it is heated evenly all around and becomes soft; take it from the flame and quickly but gently bend it as you will which you can do very easily. With very little practice you will be able to make a good smooth bend just where you want it.

95 How to make an alcohol lamp out of an ink-bottle is explained in The Magic of Science.