Get two strips of wood 1/4 inch thick, 1/2 an inch wide and II inches long and cut handles on one end of each strip.

Saw with your scroll saw out of 1/8 inch thick wood, two policemen 6 inches high and also one Baxter

Street clothier of Semitic persuasion, 3 inches high as shown in Fig. 96.

Pivot the leg near the foot of each policeman to the ends of both of the strips by driving a couple of brads through and into them and then nail the Israelite fast to the top strip with a couple of brads. Now when you pull the strips apart one of the long arms of the law will crack Ikey on the cranium and when the strips are pushed together again the other minion of authority will bounce his club on the place where his brains ought to be. A little red and blue water color will add to the realism of the toy.

How to Make a Policeman s Puzzle 229

Fig. 96. A Policeman's Puzzle, Or Now Will You Be Good