Fly Trap

Material Required

Lumber: 1 piece white pine, cypress or basswoood 13/16x8x24 inches 1 piece white pine or basswood 1/2x1 1/8x36 inches.

Hardware: 16 flat head bright wood screws 1 1/2 inch, No. 8. 4 dozen carpet tacks. 1 piece wire fly screen 14 inches square. 16 brads 1 1/4 inch, No. l8. 14 shingle nails.


Sharp lead pencil, rule, try square, jack plane, handy saw, brace and 5/32 inch twist drill, countersink, screw driver, hammer, nail set, compass.

Fig. 16. Cross Sawing on a Saw Horse.

Fig. 16. Cross Sawing on a Saw Horse.

Stock Bill


Finished Dimensions



3/4x3/4x8 3/4 inches.



3/4x 3/4x 6 1/2 inches

Cross Pieces.


3/4x 3/4x 9 1/2 inches



3/4x 3/4x 8 inches.



1/2x1 x9 1/2 inches.



1/2x1x7 1/2 inches.



1 - Reduce all pieces to finished dimensions.

2 - Assemble box part of trap by using one flat head screw 1 1/2 inch No. 8, and one brad 1 1/4 inch No. 16 at each joint. The hole for the screw should be made about half the length of the screw with the 5-32 inch twist drill and then countersunk. The two screws at each corner must be placed a little above and below center respectively so as not to strike each other.

3 - Place a brad at each joint at least 1/4 inch from the screw so as to prevent the stock from turning.

4 - Assemble the four 3/4 inch pieces for the top same as box and nail the 1 inch strip as shown in the drawing with shingle nails.

5 - Lay out the pattern for the screen on any piece of paper and cut the screen to the pattern with scissors or knife.

6 - Sew the pattern together at the joint with a wire torn from the edge of the screen.

7 - Tack screen in place with carpet tacks.