It is always advisable to stand well with the cook, and one sure way of accomplishing this is to make the neat little salt box illustrated, and hang it up in the kitchen at the most convenient point.

The wood should be about three-eighths of an inch thick and cut according to the working drawing, in which each small square represents exactly one inch. First make the back and then the sides. Fasten these together by nailing from behind. Next fit in the front and then the bottom, which goes clear inside of the other pieces. When these are all nailed up, the lid should be fitted so as to lift up and down easily without binding or leaving gaping seams at the sides. After rounding the back edge of the lid, set it in place and very carefully drive in a small nail through each side at the top corner into the lid so as to serve as a hinge. The place for these nails is indicated by the black spot on the pattern for the side, but do not drive the nails clear in until you have tried the lid to see that it raises up properly, and have also applied the necessary finish. This box may be white enameled or shellacked over the natural wood without staining.

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