The little whisk broom holder which we are now going to construct makes a very neat and practical present. We feel quite sure that any boy or girl who presents this to his or her mother - after it is all stained and waxed, with a neat little calendar pad in place - is pretty sure to be repaid with some nice new tools.

The back and sides should be one-half inch thick and the front piece one-quarter inch thick. From the drawing it will be noted that the back board is five by nine. Square up the ends and mark out the outline very lightly with a sharp pencil, remembering that it is not necessary to cover the entire board with squares as in the drawing. Use the compasses to get the proper curves, and when these are sawn out with the fret saw, rub the edges smooth with a piece of sandpaper wrapped on something round that will fit the curves. Before nailing up, hold the pieces together and put in the broom to make sure that it will fit. If it is very large or very small, some change may be necessary. Fasten the sides on by small brads driven in from behind, and while the front may also be nailed on, a neater appearance will result if it is fastened with glue and put under a heavy weight all night. Bore a hole near the top so that it may be hung up and then stain and rub with wax, after which paste on the calendar pad.

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