Of The Zodiacal Aspects

The planetary orbs, in the course of their revolutions through the etherial fields of boundless space, are perpetually forming certain configurations or aspects with each other, by which their influence is not only proportionally impeded or hastened, but powerful aspects of a benevolent nature are in all cases equal to the greatest essential dignity or fortitude; and when malignant configurations intervene, such aspects render themas weak, as when they are found in their essential debilities. These are in order, as follows:

The Semisextile

The Semisextile (for which as yet we have no Astronomical character) consists of one sign, or 30 degrees in the zodiac, or half the Sextile; thus supposing The Semisextile 748 to be in 4 degrees of , and in 4 degrees of or , these planets would be in exact , Semisextile to each other. This aspect was unknown to the ancients; but is found to be moderately fortunate and beneficial in influence.

The Semiquartile

The Semiguartile aspects consists of 45 degrees in the zodiac, being one half of the quartile or square; thus if The Semiquartile 753 were posited in 18 degrees of , and the in 3 degrees of , these two planets are in semiquartile to each other. Experience teaches us that this aspect is extremely.powerful in evil, and unfortunate in every respect whatever.

The Sextile

The The Sextile 757 aspect. consists of 60 degrees, or two signs of the zodiac, and is found to be very beneficial in influence, in most aspects equally powerful with the

The Quintile

The Quintile aspect consists of 72 degrees in the zodiac; thus supposing a star to be in 15 degrees of The Quintile 759 , and another in 27 degrees of , these two are in quintile aspect to each other. This configuration is found to be fortunate in influence.

The Quartile

The The Quartile 761 or Quartile ray is 90 degrees, or one fourth part of the zodiac; stars, in quartile to each other, are peculiarly evil, and no essential dignity can overcome the malignancy of such an hostile ray.

The Trine

The The Trine 762 aspect consists of four signs, or 120 degrees in the zodiac, and is found to be peculiarly powerful in good fortune; a benevolent trine of Jupiter in most cases is sufficiently strong to eradicate an evil position of Saturn.

The Sesquiquadrate

The Sesquiquadrate ray is 135 degrees in the zodiac; thus supposing a star to be in 15 degrees of The Sesquiquadrate 763 , and another in 0 degrees of , they are in sesquiquadrate to each other. This aspect is singularly unfortunate, and equal in nearly all cases to the evil effects of the

The Bi-Quintile

The Bi-quintile aspect consists of 144 degrees in the zodiac; thus supposing The Bi Quintile 766 to be in 24 degrees of , and the in 18 degrees of These planets are in bi-quintile ray to each other. It is found to produce fortunate effects.

The Opposition

The The Opposition 770 aspect is one half the zodiac, or six whole signs, and is deemed by Astrologers as the most malignant of the whole; it is peculiarly and eminently unfortunate.

The Conjunction

The The Conjunction 771 , which although not properly an aspect, yet comes under the denomination of configurative rays, is when two pla-nets are in the same sign, degree, and minute of the zodiac. This aspect is deemed good with good planets, and evil with those of a contrary or. malignant nature, as the dictates of reason, even without experience, would lead us to judge. Its effects are eminent and peculiar in all cases.