In every horoscope it must be well observed in the first place, whether the places of the Friends And Enemies 1126 and are powerful, and free from evil or discordant aspects; for should the nativity be in itself, in a manner, free from obnoxious rays of or , the native will have but few enemies capable of doing him injury, although his greatness or eminence in life will naturally cause rivals. This, the author has invariably observed.

If the places of the Friends And Enemies 1130 or be afflicted by the , parallel semiquartile , sesquiquadrate or of or , the native will have a rough, turbulent, and quarrelsome life, and many private enemies as well as public adversaries.

In these cases Friends And Enemies 1137 has great power, for wherever he is afflicted by aspect or position, the native is liable to much scandal, reproach, and vituperative abuse. The unfortunate Keats the poet, who fell a victim to the malicious spleen of ill-timed criticism, was horn with in his horoscope, in to and Public writers of every description, to attain eminence by their writings, should have unafflicted by aspect, and aided by the fortunes and ) or they strive in vain to gain the public esteem.

An extensive circle of acquaintance (generally however but few real friends) is the result of several planets being in the same sign, or house of heaven; the native who has but few friends or few acquaintances has on the contrary scarcely any fortunate aspect or configuration in his horoscope, from which, obscurity in life may naturally be expected.