There are four usual cases of Mal-formatton of the Main Lines.

Chiromantic Observations Of The Lines In General I 233

They are often Broken, and this defect, interfering gravely with the circulation of the fluid, denotes a serious perturbation in the physical and moral condition of the subject.

But the Breaks are of two kinds. Either clear, leaving an unoccupied space - lengthwise - between the fragments, or the fragments overlay each other, thus allowing, so to speak, a new line above the broken one to continue the latter's work comparatively unimpaired, I need not say that the second kind of break is less alarming than the first, and must be read very differently. After the Break, the Split; a maIformation frequently met with in the second portion of the Line of Hean, and indicating, as I stated before, the gradual weakening of this important organ, as years advance. Elsewhere, this split ought to be considered with great concern, as it is equivalent to the cutting of the Line, showing it to lose its value as a fluid carrier and become rapidly worthless. I must warn the student against considering those splits on the Line of Heart as elongated islands. In no case must a split be read as an island, as it certainly has nothing to do with a love affair, except in so far as it might affect the subject's physical health.

The Chained or Linked formation is also very frequently met with. In the chapter devoted to each line I shall give full readings as to its meaning. I simply want to remind the reader of what I said above concerning Lines of Life chain ad at the start (delicate childhood), and the Line of Heart chained at the end (poor circulation of the blood after the change of life in woman and the great climacteric in man).

An Islanded line is seldom met with; but distinct, separate islands on the line are of daily occurrence; they are the objects of my close attention all through this book.