A. Directly

A Directly 691

Joined with the Lines of Head and Life at the start with (or without) a cross in the middle of the Line of Head - Sudden death (if repeated in both hands]

This must not be read as "premature death," but simply as meaning that when death will come it will be "without warning." There is great chance, however, of its being accidental or violent death. The date is usually found on the Line of Life or on the Line of Fate.

A Directly 692

Joined with the Lines of Life and Head at the start, with one prong of a fork of the Line forming a Saint Andrew's cross with a short bar on the Lower Mount of Jupiter - A love affair hringing with it much sorrow, loss, or trouble, even unto death.

Take care not to mistake such a cross for the excellent cross of happy love affair, described on page 94.

A Directly 693

Unusually deep and long1, hut united at the start with the Lines of Life and Head, the latter terminating in a fork. our- prong; of which descends into the Mount of the Moon, while the other prong follows its natural course or joins the Lint- of Heart - Blind and fatal pas-sion.

Imagination triumphs here over sound common sense; this is evidenced by the fork of the Line of Head. The depth of the Line is also an ominous indication of an intensity prejudicial to the lasting welfare of the subject.

A Directly 694

Joined at its start with the Line of Head. under the Mount of Saturn - Disaster due to unreasoning passion. If repeated in both hands - Sudden death, often due to the same cause.

A Directly 695

Joined to the Line of Head under Saturn with a bar across it - Wretched marriage. Deep sorrows from misplaced affection.

A Directly 696

Joined in a wavy termination with the Line of Head, under the Mount of Mer-cury - Premature death.

A Directly 697

Starting from the Mount of Jupiter and connecting with a straight, clear Line of Fate arising From the Mount of the Moon, the said Line of Fate losing itself into the Line of Heart - Unexpected happiness, due to the intense devotion of the loved one.

The intensity of this affection generally prognosticates a fatal reaction com-ing.

A Directly 698

A line from the line to the Line of Fate, the latter being broken in its course - Widowhood or widowerhood or death of a dear one not a relative.

The place on the Line of Fate where the break occurs will give the date of the bereavement. It is supposed that the loss of the dear one has caused a serious, material change in the subject's prospects.

A Directly 699

Branches from the Line of Fate ascending to the Line without touching it - Love affairs not ending in marriage. If they touch it - The unions are completed: if they cut it - The unions will he very unfortunate. (See final sub-heading in Chanter on the Liny of Fate.)

A Directly 700

B. By Minor Lines

Connecting Lines between the Line and the Line of Life - Illnesses caused either by sorrows due to disappointed love or by a defective working of the heart.

B By Minor Lines 701

Joined to the Line of Head by a Line starting from the latter - Fatal infatuation, If the hand shows no. sensual tendency, but with a high Mount of Mercury - A calculating spirit in love matters; the French idea of marriage.

B By Minor Lines 702B By Minor Lines 703

Lines from the Line downward reaching close to the Line of Head without cutting it - Life greatly influenced by the opposite sex. If this takes place under the Mount of the Sun - Great versatility without much serious results.