Many years ago a gentleman called upon me for the purpose of consultation. It was in the winter time and he wore a heavy Mac-farlane. He asked - and was granted - permission to keep this garment on his shoulders during his visit. Then he stretched his left hand and I said to htm at once:

"You are a military man, sir."

"That may be," he answered, rather curtly, "kindly proceed."

"I mentioned the fact because I notice here- the sign of a wound; and yet it was not incurred in war."

"What do you mean?" he exclaimed; "this hand was never wounded!"

"I mean that this wound whose sign - not scar - is marked upon this hand, if inflicted on the battlefield would have brought you promotion and honors, while, on the contrary, it ruined your prospects and compelled you to abandon your pxofession."

"It did." acknowledged my visitor; "I escaped Solferino without a scratch, only to be crippled by the awkward handling of a shotgun while crossing my own preserves. I received the whole load in the shoulder; the nerves were doubtless grievously affected, for my hand has grown useless; it has lost all sensation; it is just like dead." "Would you kindly show me that hand?" "Willingly; but, in appearance, you'll not find it in any way different from the left hand which you have just examined;" and he pushed with difficulty his right hand from under the cloak and laid it on the table.

The back of this hand seemed just as healthy and natural as its sister hand. But inside, its palm was absolutely smooth all vestige of lines or signs had disappeared.

Thus these lines had begun to vanish from the very hour the nerves connecting tin- hand with the brain had ceased to Operate, Had there not been a constant, direct correspondence between the cerebral matter and the nervous centers in the palm, the hand, although, rendered useless, would have preserved the lines that it possessed from birth. This constatstion, repeated a hundred times and more, under various circumstances, especially in cases of paralysis,, leaves no doubt in my mind as to the close connection between brain and palm; it confirms triumphantly the declaration of the world-famed! historian and exquisite psychology, Michclct: "The convolutions of the brain are written in the Hands."