We are happy to present to all members of the Divine Life Societies in India and abroad as well as to spiritual seekers in general, these thoughts of Revered Sri Swami Chidanandaji that cover a variety of matters, all of which are however connected directly or indirectly with spiritual life and ethical ideals of man. These expressions of his inner feelings and thoughts were communicated from time to time to the world of seekers and spiritual aspirants, through a series of letters which Revered Swamiji wrote each month addressing the members of the Divine Life Society all over the world. They appeared under the caption of: “The President Writes” and later on as: “Sivanandashram Letter”. The contents of this present handy little book comprise such monthly letters written over a period of five to six years soon after the passing of the Most Worshipful Master, Sri Swami Sivananda Gurudev. From the Holy Ashram in Rishikesh Revered Swamiji kept contact with the spiritual fraternity of all sincere seekers striving to lead a divine life by means of these monthly letters. These letters bring you in touch with Swamiji's views and vision which he seeks to share with you all. We owe this publication to the generous and loving gift of Mother Yvounne Lemoine of France, who had the eager desire that some inspiring teachings of Revered Swami Chidanandaji must be made available especially to the seekers in France and other European countries as well as the West in general during the occasion of his present birthday on 24th September 1974. Thus the present volume comes as a Birthday Gift from Mother Yvounne to all those who have had the opportunity of meeting Swami Chidanandaji and listening to his teachings during his travels abroad.

Our deepest appreciation of her generous goodwill towards all.

A special word of thanks is due to the Manchandani Brothers Proprietors of the Nilum Printing Press who very kindly worked with great earnestness to accomplish the printing work within less than three weeks in order to bring out this book in time. Our very grateful thanks to them.

24th September 1974


Sivanandashram Letter No. I

To Awaken You Sivananda Gurudev Came

Blessed Atma-Swarupa!
Dear & Revered Member,

Glory Be to the Divine! God Bless you!

Thou art Immortal Soul! Thou art Atman, ever-pure, ever-free, ever-perfect, eternal and divine! Thou art Imperishable Spirit, ever existent, conscious and blissful. Remember this always! Your main purpose and important duty is to express and radiate blessedness and pure love and be aware of your true essential nature at all times and under all circumstances. Never forget this!

In earnest prayerfulness and deep worshipfulness at the sacred feet of blessed Master, our Gurudev Swami SIVANANDA I speak this above admonition unto you all, upon this first occasion, I have of addressing you all, through the pages of your own Wisdom Light monthly journal. I humbly speak thus in the holy Name of our Guru Sivananda Dev, as the merest instrument of His, through whom He carries on now, His sacred mission, of loving and ceaseless spiritual service of you all. My heart's fervent prayer is that this servant of His even as He worked all His dedicated and noble life during the past more than thirty momentous years. In this life I shall strive to translate this prayer into personal action and live to serve. This shall be my endeavour as a servant of Satgurudeva and as His instrument even as it is of my worthy Gurubhais here at this Ashram. In this endeavour His spiritual Presence shall be my guide and His grace, my sustainer, and His remembrance, my strength. May the Divine inspire and help me in this sacred labour of love!

Gurudev Sivananda came to awaken you all. He came, lived, taught and worked to awaken, inspire, guide, lead and to illumine. Swamiji awakened you to the true meaning and Goal of your life, inspired you to aspire and strive for that Goal, guided you on your path towards its attainment and led you onward towards illumination. You who have been most fortunate as to receive His awakening spiritual impulse and to get the inspiration of His thrilling teachings and be guided by them, you must now go onward and rise upward upon the spiritual Path with keen aspiration, perseverance and zeal. Let unabated be thy enthusiasm and sustained be thy fervour.

Be a sincere seeker and an earnest Sadhak. With joy lead the Divine Life. Adopt the twin motives of Sadhana and Selfless Seva. Become established in truthfulness. Deviate not from Virtue. Pure be thy heart and mind. Let kindness and love dwell in your thoughts, words and actions. May the spirit of Gurudev and His universal teachings light up your life and make all your actions luminous with the rare quality of Dharma and spirituality.

God bless you!


- Swami Chidananda.

Sivananda Ashram Letter No. II