You will be all worthy of this great Mother, who sustains your life and that of your children and those unborn yet to come. Do your duty to posterity by sowing seeds of Love, peace and brotherhood for the welfare of the generations to follow in the future ahead. Let Love triumph and Peace prevail in this, your country. O my brothers of all creeds, faiths and communities!

Beloved Immortal Atman!
Blessed Seeker of Truth,

Om Namo Narayanaya. Loving Namaskars.

Peace Be Unto All! May individuals, groups, communities, countries, hemispheres and the whole world be blessed with the grace of Peace and Love!

After last month's message at the time of writing this letter an anomalous peace has been restored upon the battle-front by which the recent 20 days' war has come to a close but not so the hostilities. Hence the call to duty, to vigilance and sacrifice to safeguard Freedom, Unity, Virtue and Dharma is reiterated now in all its solemnity and urgency. Be heroic, without hatred, ready to swiftly chastise, yet without anger, strike fiercely in defence yet without cruelty, and be immediately generous where you find true innocence or real remorse. In the just cause of National Dharma be irresistible and strong as an elephant, and quite fearless as the lion. Ever be ready to give battle with the boldness and the power of a million celestial angels of heaven. Victory is to the Devas never to the Danavas. Nevertheless, sincere efforts for peace should be earnestly pursued by those at the helm of affairs. Desire for peace yet perfect readiness to fight in defence of freedom - this is the noble way before the nation. And we ceaselessly PRAY FOR PEACE AND GOODWILL each and every day without fail at this holy Ashram of Gurudev Swami Sivanandji Maharaj.

Dipavali has come and gone with subdued observance due to the grave uncertainty of the present period. Within Bharatavarsha there is more need for the lighting of Lamps other than those that burn with oil and wick. There is need to light up the Lamps of religious brotherhood, intercommunal love and harmony, all-over unity of our people from the Cape to the snow-capped Himalayas. Lamps of mutual understanding, united patriotism and single-hearted love of freedom should light up all hearts and mind throughout every city, town, village, hamlet and nook of our nation. Feel India is India. It is neither a Hindu India nor Muslim India nor Parsi India nor Sikh India nor Christian India nor any Communal India whatsoever. India is Bharata Mata, the beloved mother of all these children, who are nourished by the food of her sacred soil, her life-giving waters, her freedom-air, her love-filled dawn, noon and dusk and her just rule of equality and peaceful co-operation and fellowship. India is the India, whose God is the universal father of humanity and the God of love, who embraces all mankind as His own. Be yet all worthy of this great Mother, who sustains your life and that of your children and those unborn yet to come. Do your duty to posterity, by sowing the seeds of love, peace and brotherhood for the welfare of the generations to follow you in future ahead. Let love triumph and Peace prevail in this, your country, O my brothers of all creeds, faiths and communities!

This November is a month of remembrance of eternal Ideals. The Supreme Spiritual Values that constitute the very heart and essence of our oriental view of Life find their grandest assertion in the ancient Upanishads. The birth anniversary of one of the greatest towering personalities in the Upanishads is upon November 3rd, namely the YAJNAVALKYA JAYANTI. The august Sage Yajnavalkya is verily the gland sire of the masters of divine wisdom of that wonderful period. He shone supreme in the assemblage of Sages in Janaka's royal court with none to equal him, none to challenge his Wisdom and perfect mastery of the spiritual love. Acquaint yourself anew with his thrilling expositions of the eternal supremacy of the spiritual Ideal before man in that unique and unrivalled dialogue between this great Sage and his wife Maitreyi of immortal fame. All things in this universe are dear to man because of the ATMAN, which alone is the central Truth and imperishable essence of all things. ATMAN or the SPIRIT is THE ONE ULTIMATE AND SUPREEME VALUE. For the Atman alone is real, being the one eternal, immortal, everlasting principle. Wake this Immortal Atman in and through all the movements of thy life, O man!

Sri TULSI PUJA on 6th November holds aloft before the women in India the sublime ideal of marital fidelity and chastity. Sri Tulsi symbolises the Maha-Pativrata. This is the supreme Dharma of the Ideal Indian woman and wife. Loyalty to her lord and perfect chastity and purity in thought, work and deed is the concept of the ideal woman the fulfilment of which makes her worthy of worship and the highest reverence. The true Pativrata Sthree is indeed a veritable goddess upon earth. She verily purifies nay sanctifies the ground that she treads upon! Let the women of India hearken to this reminder evoked by the holy Tulsi Puja day.

Then holy Guru Nanak and the holy Sant Jnaneshwar are honoured by millions this month upon the 9th and 21st respectively. Guru Nanak lived and preached the oneness of mankind and the essential synthesis of apparently divergent creeds and faiths. He propagated the one common spiritual message that formed the universal basis of all religions and teachings of all prophets. Sant Jnaneshwar similarly cut through theological differences and proclaimed the oneness of God, equality of all men and the supremacy of true devotion over dry metaphysics and mere occult power of Yoga. Both these great saints alike declared the superiority of LOVE or BHAKTI as the path to spiritual Perfection and the way to Divine Experience. They stressed on the need of real Surrender to the Divine and purity and humility in all our dealings here. The practice of Virtue and Good Conduct was emphasised as more important and indispensable than theoretical knowledge of scriptures unaccompanied by virtuous living. These two great souls fought superstition, simplified religion, revived Divine Name and established Bhakti, Sadachara and spirit of Service unto mankind by their personal example, lofty and immortal teachings. May the message of Guru Nanak and Sant Jnaneshwar live and work in your heart always. May their divine wisdom-teachings guide on the path of life and lead you to supreme blessedness.

Commence the serious study of Bhagawad Gita in preparation of the forthcoming Gita Jayanti next month. Also, before closing I wish to mention with keen appreciation the Sankalpa of certain D.L.S. branches to organise district level Divine Life Conference this year. This they have resolved in pursuance of my suggestion made in an earlier letter. The secretary of Pattamadai D.L.S. branch has written to me a very sincere and enthusiastic letter in this connection and I am very happy that he is going ahead with the preparations. I have advised Sri Krishna Iyer to invite revered Swami Sivasat-Chitanandji of Amrita Ashramam to guide him in the proceedings of the conference. I draw your attention to the extracts of the teachings of holy Guru Nanak Dev and of Sant Jnaneshwar Maharaj elsewhere in this issue. May the blessings of these two great Masters be upon you!

My best regards, Prem and Pranams to you! Jai Gurudev Sivananda! Om Tat Sat!

Yours in Gurudev
Swami Chidananda
D.L.S. HQs.,

1st Nov 1965

Sivanandashram Letter No. XXIII