Finally, it is wise to abstain from trying complicated baits like nymph and caddis, as they are more in line of tying flies, which would require a repetition on that subject, fully described in my book Trout Stream Insects.

The main object of this chapter is to instil in the angler the habit of trusting more to his own intellectual interest in the craft rather than being at the mercy of the tackle or bait dealer for such minor requirements as special baits - important though it be to have them. Of course the majority of anglers think they have no time to bother with this interesting subject; yet the time required is less than they spend in getting and keeping live bait fit for fishing, including the loss of time in vain effort to get sport under present conditions. In any event, if you possess really good artificial lures, self-made or bought, you are independent - safe to get fish - and you will find much less to vex you in the sport in which you wish to perfect yourself. Your situation will be found very comforting in carrying along little boxes of these lures, ready to use at any time you wish, without any of the tribulations mentioned in Chapter X.

XIII Advice To Anglers On How To Make Their Own Na 87XIII Advice To Anglers On How To Make Their Own Na 88