Myriads of these creepers of every conceivable size and color drop into the water from overhanging boughs of trees and bushes, or are washed away from the sides by floods throughout the season, and kick and float along the surface until devoured by the fish. For centuries the caterpillar has been considered a most excellent Jive bait for nearly all game-fish, and artificial imitations have been made in numerous ways, mostly in different colored hackles. I have made them with three small hooks, arranged along the bushy hackle bodies in black, gray, and brown. I have also made them on a small Pennell turn-down eye No. 8 long shank hook in the same colors on cork bodies, so that they cannot sink. At certain times and places these hairy caterpillars are exceedingly attractive to brook as well as brown trout. They can also be used to capture perch, bass, chub, and pickerel.