This is an inhabitant of the Mississippi, Missouri, and Ohio rivers, and is also found in some of the other large rivers of the West. He resembles the salt water porgy in appearance, though in reality more plump and round. He is of a smutty silvery color, and usually varies in size from ten to fifty inches in length, though in the Mississippi he grows larger. He is easily taken, and the tackle required is a strong flax or hemp line, with a stout bent hook of the size Nos. 1 or 2 salmon. The sinker should be heavy enough to carry your bait to the bottom. The bait used for the Buffalo carp is soft cheese. To fasten it properly to your hook, you must work it up with common cotton batting, or raw cotton. He is easily caught, and is extensively sold in the market in western river towns, being a very good table fish.

Why this fish is called a perch, we are unable to trace, or to ascertain, as it has not the least resemblance to any other individual of the perch family.