This is a fish rather coarse in flesh; but in outward appearance it resembles the black bass of the Northern lakes. His back is very dark, and the sides gradually grow lighter around to his belly, which is white. He has a large head and mouth, with projecting under jaw. He is found only in Southern waters, and may be taken in most of the streams in the Southern states. One peculiarity of this fish, entirely different from the black bass, is that they meditate, at times, near the surface of the water, getting near logs or lilly-pads, so they can dive out of the way at the least alarm. In this position they are baited with success with a small fish called the horny head. The ordinary tackle used for the black trout is similar to bass tackle, viz.: a pliable rod eight or ten feet long, with a silk, grass or flax line, and reel - Kirby hook No. 2, or Limerick No. 1, attached, to strong gut leaders. For bait, the minnow, and the Killey fish, or the roach is better when you can get it. He will not bite at all unless the water is clear. Artificial bait is often used in taking the black trout, as follows - a fancy fly made in red and white colors, either feathers or flannel, and fixed on a Limerick salmon hook No. 3 or 4. This should be attached to a long line; and with a light reed pole, the sportsman should whip it along on the water, when the fish will dart at it and get hooked. The time for fishing the black trout is from April until June, and from September down to winter weather. They spawn in July and August, and do not bite at all in those months.