This is a salt water fish sixteen or eighteen inches in length, and weighing from one to two pounds. His haunts are very uncertain, and habits little known. In color he is of a bluish light brown, with a silvery gloss, and covered with spots darker than the general color. He is thick and stout about the throax, and gradually slopes towards the tail. He is found in places similar to those frequented by the bass, weak-fish, etc, and the tackle used in fishing him is about the same, except the hook, which should be smaller, say a Limerick or Kirby salmon hook No. 4. He is probably the best sporting fish to be caught in salt water, being so lively and determined when on the hook. The summer months is the time for fishing the barb, and the bait used is the shedder crab. Do not use too large a hook, as his mouth is small. He runs deeper than either the bass or the weak-fish.