Not a very beautiful fish, but very strong - and if left alone, will grow to a great size; he has then been compared to a large pair of bellows, and much the same in flavour. As we have never tasted bellows, we cannot vouch for the correctness of this opinion. A most remarkable thing is, that the bream, if taken out of the water in very cold weather, and wrapped in snow, with a piece of bread steeped in alcohol put into his mouth, may be sent a long journey without any injury to his health. This is often done on the continent; perhaps he would go as well if he were allowed to travel as a teetotaller. He is very crafty, and the moment he is hooked, makes way for the weeds. Fish for him from August to October; let the bait touch the ground - the moment he bites the hook, land him, and then, if you can help it, don't touch him, his skin is so nasty.