Two important jobs belong to this District Committee on Organization and Extension:

1. To put into effect the council's program to extend Scouting opportunity and service to all boys of the district.

2. To help existing Packs, Troops, Tribes, Neighborhood Patrols or Dens, Lone Rovers, Lone Explorers, Lone Scouts and Lone Cubs with their organization problems, their renewal of charter, their financing by the Scout Budget Plan, so that they may operate effectively and continuously and get business training in thrift, business management and budgeting.

Membership Of The Committee

The Chairman of the Organization and Extension Committee is appointed by the District Chairman, or he may be elected at a district meeting after conferences between the District Nominating Committee and the District Chairman.

Once he is selected or elected, the Chairman of the District Organization and Extension Committee becomes a member of the same committee for the area council where he participates in formulating council plans for organization work and extension of Scouting.

The Chairman of the District Organization and Extension Committee usually has the appointment of the members of his Committee. These should be men suited to "promoting" as they will be expected to "sell" institutions, neighborhoods and individuals on the importance of dealing constructively with their own boys.

They should come from and cover the various sections of the District. They should include men from the various religious groups so as to work effectively among them. If there are mining or lumbering interests in the District, they should be represented. As almost all districts have farm territory, it is of the utmost importance that there be a full representation of farm organizations and rural people on the committee. To be successful also, these "rural members" need to be rural members and actively related to farm organizations and their affairs, with influence and standing with farm people and their farmer groups.

The Council Plan

The general council plan of proposed rural extension for the area council is made up of proposed extension plans for each district. This presupposes a survey of the district as the first step in planning intelligently for the district.

Whether or not the council plan has outlined district details, the first thing to be done is to develop the essential details and steps for the district.

Where new rural sections are to be opened up, the Boy-Fact Survey is the first step. (See Chapter XVI (Making Boy-Fact Survey).) In the light of the boy, neighborhood, and man-power conditions and institutional relations, thus revealed, the extension job should be outlined.

Area Council Parents' Dinner Michigan


Institutions No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, etc., will be approached by-. Assign them!

Neighborhoods A, B, C, etc., will be contacted by

-. Assign them!

Individual Homes and Boys, as listed, will be seen by-. Assign them!

Here we have:

1. The people to be seen;

2. The men who are going to do it;

3. Some proper time schedule in which it is to be done.

These are the essence of extension, once the committee has been trained or made familiar with the best methods of approach.