In accordance with policies and plans prepared by the Area Council Advancement Committee and approved by the Executive Board-it is the business of the District Advancement Committee to see that all the Scouts of the district, both rural and town, are encouraged to make progress in Scout Requirements and that adequate provisions are made, in the rural district, to help it to happen. Such provision must be made to cover the special needs of the rural parts of the district.

The Job Of The Committee

1. To prepare an annual plan covering the rural towns, villages and open country neighborhoods of the district and providing for every Scout for the four phases of the Scout's advancement:

Preparation - Acquiring the skill or knowledge called for,

Examination-Meeting the requirements as set up, Review-Checking on the standards met, Award-Recognizing the achievement publicly.

To recruit and train Merit Badge Counselors within each district so Scouts may get this service near their own homes.

To see that boys get service of all these men and have a chance to meet and know at least 21 fine men on their way up to Eagle Rank (21 Merit Badges).

2. This is to be done in such a way as to encourage the Scout to do well and to go forward and continue his efforts-thus contributing to his life's work aims and training for fine citizenship.

3. The Committee should secure such qualified Counselors as may be called for by the desire of Scouts to qualify for each Merit Badge. In the rural districts, full provision should be made to cover the farm Merit Badge subjects through farm Merit Badge counselors which will challenge definitely the interests of rural boys.

4. Courts of Honor should be held with such frequency and at such accessible places

"as to reduce to a minimum the necessity of the boy traveling long distances, and so as to provide frequent opportunities for boys to qualify for and receive awards as will avoid disappointment due to delays."

5. The District Committee may recommend to the Council Advancement Committee all Scouts qualified for consideration for Honor Medals, by the National Court of Honor.

6. The Committee shall stimulate rural Cub Advancement under the home and neighborhood-centered requirements of that program for Neighborhood Dens and Lone Cubs as well as for members of town Cub Packs.

7. In cooperation with the Area Council Advancement Committee, the District Advancement Committee shall supervise the use of the Troop or Tribe Advancement Plan (including Troop or Tribe Court of Honor) by those groups which, after careful investigation, are adjudged qualified to operate such a plan in accordance with the standards of the National Council.

The Horse's Ears Make The Scout Sign


Who Should Be On The Committee?

The advancement of a Scout is an educational matter, so generally the District Committee will include an educator in its membership. Probably, however, the quality of the man and his interests, and the attractiveness of his personality in boy contacts, may be more important than his occupation. One who understands boys, who can stimulate them to effort and who commands their respect, and even admiration -these are more important qualities than the occupation or scientific training of the man. If dealing with rural boys, there should be adequate representation of farmers and rural men. A fruitful source of committee members has been found to be the group of "best men" named by boys in the "Boy-Survey" as well as the Merit Badge Counselors. In fact serving as a counselor is good training for committee responsibility and man-boy relations provided in Scouting,







Troop or Tribe Commit-

Troop or Tribe Commit-

tee or-

Individual Study.

By S.M., A.S.M., J.A.S.M.,

tee or-

(T) Troop or Tribe Ct. of

Patrol Coaching.

S.P.L., Friend and Coun-

(T) County Ct. of Honor

Honor (same ceremony)

Conf. with S. M. or

selor, S.M. on Oath and

(candle ceremony) or-



Friend and Counselor on


Friend and Counselor and

Friend and Counselor and


Oath and Law.



Individual Study.

Patrol and Lone Scout

S.M. or designee for in-


dividual tests.

(T) Troop or Tribe Board

Instruction by Counselors

Then demonstration pre-

of Review or-

(T) Troop or Tribe Ct.

Friend and Counselor or

ferably through an over-

District Bd. of Review; if

of Honor.



night hike adventure.

none in District, then the

District Ct. of Honor.


Experience on hikes.

Or Friend and Counselor

Friend and Counselor and

Friend and Counselor and


Practice in camping.

and Family.



(T) Troop or Tribe Ct. of


Dist. Ct. of Honor.

Same as for 2nd Class

Council Ct. of Honor (if


except 14 mile hike makes

not too far away).


fine demonstration.

Friend and Counselor and


Same as for 2nd Class.

Measuring a Field 1

Same as for 2nd Class.




Personal Research and


contact with Counselors

Counselor with "passing"

Dist. Bd. of Review.

Dist. Ct. of Honor.


and Friend and Counselor

kept on as objective a

Council Bd. of Review.

Council Ct. of Honor.


on individual subjects and

basis as possible and mu-

For Lone Scouts, Council

For Lone Scouts, Council



tually understood I

approved Plan.

approved Plan.

(T)-Under Troop or Tribe Advancement Plan and also serves to identify men who also possess influence with boys to a marked degree. Being on the committee, however, need not interfere with a man being counselor in his own subject. This is especially true in rural districts.