The Scouting and Cubbing Programs have been developed to meet the needs and desires of all boys, regardless of whether they reside in city, town, village, hamlet, or the open country. Surveys which have been made establish the fact that boys in rural America intensely desire to be Scouts and Cubs. To the manhood of America, interested in rural youth, there is presented through Scouting and Cubbing, an opportunity for service in meeting this, the demand of youth for a program of fun, romance, and adventure, and the development of character and training for citizenship.

This manual was developed for the purpose of helping Local Councils, their Executives, Officials and Volunteer Leaders in more fully and effectively achieving the possibilities of their opportunities in the field of rural boyhood. In this volume there is brought together a fund of information and procedures, attested by experience. It will serve effectively as an informational reference book for the active leader, and as a text book for the training of leaders for work in the rural field. Its fundamental philosophy is applicable to all agencies dealing with youth. Its treatment of organization, procedures, programs, projects, activities and craft aids is specifically related to the Boy Scout Program, but it represents a practical approach to constructively serving rural boys and is presented not only to those who are serving in positions of leadership in Scouting, but to leaders in all youth organizations, in the hope that through applying the principles contained therein, greater dividends may be declared on time invested in the interest of the future of America and the character development of its youth.

Director, Division of Operations.