Looking Ahead

Modern machinery has multiplied the acreage one man can handle by amounts varying from 15 to 25 times! That would imply the threat of glutted markets due to increased acreages and yields.

On the other hand, the increased use of farm products in industry and the influx into the cities simply means more people for whom someone must raise farm crops and the food. It would seem, therefore, that the need for the farmer will continue to be a central need of life. Perhaps some solutions for market and distribution plans will be developed. We shall await its mastery by the youth of today. Much of this will be via better distribution methods, new markets and new uses. Agriculture is still our one source of food and of raw materials for an ever increasing demand in all walks of life.

What William Jennings Bryan said is true:

"Burn down the cities, and leave our farms and the cities will rise again; but destroy our farms, and grass will grow in the streets of your cities."

Some Other Occupations in Agriculture

Under each of the headings listed here there are a great number of businesses, occupations and professions:

Teaching Agriculture Agricultural Engineering Animal Industries Dairy Manufacturing Dairy Production Farm Crops Farm Management Pomology

Vegetable Gardening Horticultural Products Landscape Architecture

Poultry Soil Science Agricultural Research Agricultural Chemistry Agricultural Economics Bacteriology

Botany and Plant Pathology Entomology Veterinary Medicine Zoology

Agricultural Extension

The New York 4-A Award

Each year, two rural Scouts in New York State, receive the 4-A Gold Medal Award of the "American Agriculturist" Magazine. The Scout presents a written report on his twelve month activities. This is sent to the regional office, and the outstanding ones are sent to the state committee of which the Governor of the State is chairman. Those seletced for the award are invited to the Annual Master Farmers' banquet, where the Governor presents the awards. The basic requirements are

1. Must be a Scout (Troop, Patrol or Tribe Member or Lone Scout) in good standing (actively registered).

2. Must be of First Class rank or higher.

3. Must live on a farm and be active in work on farm.

4. Must show a record of twelve months continuous performance in the following: a. Scout achievement.

b. Community service to rural neighborhood or village.

c. School work and records.

d. Record at home and on farm.

Other states, districts may well work out similar plans to encourage and recognize achievements of the farmer boys in Scouting.

The 4 A Award


The Gold Quill

The Gold Quill Award

The Gold Quill is awarded to Scouts or Scouters, in good standing, for achieving 1,000 points in actual journalistic work, as evidenced by accepted and printed clippings submitted to the Local Council, with the application for the award.

These clippings show date and name of publication and represent the applicant's own work in journalism. The contributions should show a spread of variety and should be published in at least five different issues of one publication, or in a total of five issues of two or more publications.

The following six headings indicate the "point" values assigned by the Committee to various types of journalistic production.

1. For each 50 words of original script accepted and published in any of the following printed publications: Authorized Scout publications; chartered Boy Scout papers; cooperating Scout publications; local school publications; farm, club, house organ or trade publications; publications of agencies promoting Boy Scout work.......... 5 points

2. Poetry: For each 50 words of original poetry published on the basis stated in No. 1.................. 10 points

3. Cartoons and Drawings. For each cartoon or drawing published on the basis stated in No. 1... .10 to 150 points

4. Original Photographs: For each original photograph published on the basis stated in No. 1... .10 to 100 points

5. Magazine cover design or drawing (reproduced in one color) .................................... 100 points

Magazine cover design or drawing (reproduced in two colors .................................... 200 points

Magazine cover design or drawing (more than two colors) ...................................... 300 points

Published on the basis of No. 1.

6. Headlines and attractive lead lines, published on the basis stated in No. 1.................... 5 to 50 points

Every Scout interested in the field of journalism should explore this field through "Tryouts" and secure this coveted award known throughout the nation as the Scout Gold Quill Award, there are now "Gold Quillers" by the hundreds, they come from all ranks and group plans in Scouting, over 200 Lone Scouts are now the proud possessors of this award in journalism.