Special tree planting-gathering seeds and planting. (These may be historic trees and groves.) Reforestation plantings. Dutch Elm disease control. Japanese Beetle control.

Tent Caterpillar Moth eradication. Rodent control. Control of other pests.

Making fire hazard surveys and helping remove them.

Helping volunteer fire companies. Organize Local Fire Patrols on a neighborhood basis, in cooperation with Volunteer Fire Companies.

Help fight emergency fires.

Building wild life reservations and bird sanctuaries.

Cooperate with Biological Survey in observing wild bird migrations.

Building recreation trails and camp sites. Building swimming holes and water ponds. Developing rural playgrounds. Building rural trails to historic places. Putting up historic trail markers.

Help town and trade groups to put up cross-road and direction markers leading to towns. Markers and names for Country Schools, Churches and Camps.

Beautify home grounds, roadways, parks, playgrounds.

Help beautify church and its grounds.

Help clean, repair, improve and landscape school grounds, repair fences, steps, buildings and "fix up" the playgrounds.

Life-guard service at the waterfront or "old swimming hole."

Building of shelters for changing clothes, building of latrines, providing simple equipment for life-saving emergencies, keeping the community swimming pool in orderly, sanitary condition.

Scouts Serve At Gettysburg Reunion


Serving as rural and forest guides, including educational trips to outstanding farms, orchards, herds or fields.

Serving at state, county and community fairs, "home-comings," rural picnics and field days.

Helping at farm meetings, short courses, conventions and auctions.

Assisting the rural needy, old people, orphans, widows, sick and helpless of the countryside.

Distribute toys, clothing, food to needy in cooperation with responsible local or county agencies.

Help develop recreation, camping, vacations for adults.

Help plan and conduct community parties, celebrations, harvest festivals, get-togethers, helping promote rural recreation and progress.

Soil conservation work with County Agricultural Agents and Soil Specialists.

Conduct exhibits and demonstrations at fairs, expositions and public rural gatherings.

Assist leaders in organizing other rural boy groups such as Cubs, Scouts, 4-H Clubs, Juvenile Grangers,

Future Farmers' Clubs, and Rural Explorers.

Help organize and train rural quartettes, choruses, orchestras, drum and bugle corps, bands and novelty musical organizations.

Help carry out "clean up," "anti-fly," "no-mosquito" campaigns; help further sanitation, cooperate in furthering systematic testing of water and milk.

Assist County Red Cross, County Public Health Authorities, County or other safety efforts in health and safety and similar campaigns.