The difficulty of dealing with the subject of hired help is about as great as the dealing with the help herself, who is so often not a help at all. the appellation is the one insisted upon by the great unorganized union of the "household tramp," whose pride cannot endure the stigma implied in the name " servant," and who has never learned that we, in all walks of life, are more or less servants - servants of fame, or ambition, or duty, or country, or business. the maid who gave notice on the spot because she was introduced by the daughter of the house to her mother as "your new servant," seems to be the incarnation of that spirit of independence which is loosening the very foundations of our national structure. england has servants; germany has servants, but america has help. let us then, like agag of old, walk delicately, remembering that help, by any other name, is even more surrounded by thorns.