Manning and Lee have been involved in the real estate market as gifted amateurs for the past twelve years. They have successfully sold homes privately and subsequently decided to pass on this knowledge to others. They are convinced that their guide will cut through the mystique surrounding the buying and selling of property.

The price of homes has risen so dramatically that the commission earned by a real estate agent on the sale of one house could be as much as your annual salary. Selling Your Own Home helps you to save thousands of dollars by becoming your own real estate agent.

This guide shows you how to:

□ Set a list price for your house.

□ Prepare your home for sale.

□ Find and use a real estate lawyer and other professionals such as home inspectors, tradesman and interior designers.

□ Understand and evaluate your mortgage.

□ Use an agreement to purchase form.

□ Advertise and show your house.

□ Identify and snag a serious buyer.

□ Close the deal.

All the information you need to sell your own home is presented here with humour and direction. This book will tell you that "Selling a home privately can be exciting, nerve shattering, frightening, a lot of work and a lot of fun."

Helen Manning and Thealzel Lee have been successful in the real estate market for the past twelve years. The lessons they've learned can all be found in this guide.

Summerhill Press

ISBN 0-920197-84-1