Was Rome built in a day?

Do not give up if the house takes more time to sell than you had hoped. Real estate agents will tell you that depending on where your house is located, it often takes an average of three months to sell. You should know from your own research how long it takes for comparable houses in your neighbourhood to sell. Set your expectations on those examples.

• We mentioned before that new people start to look for a new home each week, so selling often goes in cycles. The first week can be exciting, with lots of interest, and then a lull may set in. Then, unexpectedly, it can heat up all over again. We recently sold a home that started fast, it was almost sold on the first day and, after a week, fell flat. A short time later, there was enormous interest and it sold quickly. In fact, the initial parties who had nearly bought on the first day came back to give an offer the week after it was sold!

I think he's peaked early

•  Do Not despair: be strong, keep telling yourself how much you are saving. There is a buyer for every piece of property.

•  Do Not reduce your price too quickly: give the property plenty of exposure first. If it is competitively priced, you should not reduce the price. However, if you are anxious and cannot wait for the required time, reconsider only after three weeks have passed. Such factors as time of year and rising interest rates can influence your decision.

• The "sign-in book" — it is a good idea to keep a record of all those people who view your property. Just names and phone numbers will do. Sometimes they need a gentle reminder or, if you do reduce the price of your property you can call back those you feel might have been put off by the price.

Remember, your house will sell eventually. Be patient!