Showing your house during "open house" periods is really not very different from showing it at any other time except that you cannot use appointments to control traffic flow. Thus, there are some additional pointers you should be aware of:

He figures the smell of baking bread will sell the house faster.

•   Advertise your "open house" for a period of one week before the event in the newspaper and/or wherever you have posted your "For Sale" notices. You could even advertise a day or two in advance by attaching a notice to your front yard "For Sale" sign.

•   Choose two or three-hour periods during the weekends or early evenings. These are the times when most people are free to come. Those who cannot attend will call for an appointment, so be sure to include your phone number in all of your advertising.

•  On the day of the "open house" place large signs advertising your event on nearby main thoroughfares, street corners and in front of the house. These signs will help people to find the house and will also attract passers-by who are viewing the area.

•   Allow people to wander around the house and yard at their leisure.

•   Have one person on each floor to answer questions and to keep an eye on your possessions.

•  Do not leave small valuables lying around.

•   Allow prospective purchasers to imagine themselves and their own possessions in the property. Give them space to discuss and think it through.