Snagging and landing a "live one"!

If prospects viewing the property appear interested, you should calmly attempt to "sell" it to them.

How To Recognize A Serious Buyer

•  People who rush through the property are not usually serious, likewise those who are polite but do not show much interest in details. There are also the "lonely hearts" who want some company. Be polite but do not waste your time.

•   Your best prospects are those who go through the house purposefully and slowly and ask plenty of questions. You will receive definite messages from these people. As they go through the house they will identify with the rooms. Their comments will indicate that they can see their family living in your home.

The Next Step

•  Encourage these "hot" prospects to ask you questions and allow them to revisit parts of the house. Then suggest that they discuss it between themselves.

•  If they go away to talk things over and do not make another appointment, contact them the next day and invite them to return for a second showing. Do not appear overly anxious to sell, but make them aware that you will continue to show the property.

•  After a second showing, if they remain interested in purchasing your property, tell them that you only consider offers made in writing. Give them a copy of your prepared "agreement to purchase" form. This will encourage them to be serious and show them that you are handling the matter in a professional manner.

•   Avoid all verbal negotiation. It is imperative to prevent misunderstandings that arise from each party's having their own particular memory of a conversation. Written offers protect both the buyer and the seller.

•   Go over the form in detail, showing them where to write in their offer. Encourage them to show the form to their own lawyer. Purchasers feel more comfortable about a private sale if they have some professional advice that they can trust.

•  If the prospective buyer does not return with an offer within a day or two, check back with them. Maybe you can clear up some details that have made them hesitate.

•  When possible, ask the prospective buyer who decides not to buy your home why they did not make an offer.

•   Go over the reasons that you think may have hampered the sale. Ask yourself the following questions:

□    Was the advertisement misleading?

□    Was it the right house for them?

□    Did you present the facts and figures about the property clearly and accurately?

□    Did the house "show well" — was it neat, tidy and presentable?

□    Did your manner put them off?

Remember, be positive, calm and friendly. Never, never nag.