It's champagne time!

You did it! The purchaser signed back the offer with no other alterations. The deal has been made, the parties involved are in full agreement, and you are feeling very, very pleased with yourself for achieving what you set out to do, namely, saving yourself a pile of money. But there are a few last matters to attend to just before you hand over the property.

•   Inform the oil, gas, water and hydro companies of the closing. Have the meters read.

•   Tell the phone and cable TV company.

•   Book your movers or rental van. It is surprising how early you must do this — these guys get very busy.

•   Be considerate — leave the house clean for the new owners.

•   Give one set of keys to the lawyer. Leave the remaining set (labelled clearly) on the kitchen counter or some other visible spot.

Remember, there are costs involved in selling a house. To calculate your net profit, deduct advertising and promotion costs, time away from your job, and the lawyer's fees. These expenses however, will still be far less than the cost of a real estate commission.

Selling your own house involves effort, diligence and a little time, but you will have something substantial in your hands to show for it.

It's champagne time. You did it!

The Closing

Take Your Commission!

After the sale has closed, we strongly advise you to dip into the commission you earned as your own Private Home Salesperson and buy yourself a special treat. Get that special something that you have been promising yourself but could not afford. You deserve a very special memento of all your hard work!