Our research shows that the cost of the service is based on the value of the property to be inspected. In large urban centres the inspection will cost between $200 and $500, depending on the value of the property.

THE SKILLED TRADESMAN when do-it-yourself won't do!

If it is impossible to do the necessary work yourself, it is worth finding a reasonably priced skilled tradesman (get several quotes). You will avoid that "do-it-yourself" look that suggests more work needs to be done, and the investment will pay off when you sell.

INTERIOR DESIGN it doesn't have to be House Beautiful, but!

Seek the advice of someone whose taste you respect to help you set priorities on improving the cosmetic appearance of your home. Although one rarely buys the decorations and furnishings with a house, the "tastefulness" of the interior will help the property "show well" and contribute towards getting top dollar. Maybe you could borrow or rent some tasteful pieces to add ambience to your decor.

Your place gives new meaning to the term "handyman's special".

The property need not look as if it has had the ministrations of a professional decorator/designer, but should be current and appeal to as many people as possible. Strong decorating statements, such as black walls, do not appeal to everyone.

Remember, buyers are very critical when viewing, and if the first impression they get is that there is too much work for them to do, they will not consider your property. Few people will allow their imagination to run riot and see the property as it could be. The professional term for a home that needs work is a "handyman's dream". To most prospective buyers, such a home looks like one big nightmare!