The right place sells best at the right time!

Do you think we should wait till spring?

When choosing a time to sell your home, bear in mind that there are periods during the year when house sales are strongest.

•   The best time is the spring — late January through June. Buyers prefer to plan their move for the summer, so the kids will be settled in time for the new term at the local schools. Also, have you ever tried to get a moving company for the end of June? The rates go up and you have to book a minimum of three months in advance. (The busiest weekend of the year for moving is the first weekend in July, and the second busiest is Labour Day weekend. )

•   The month of March is the peak time for selling homes. Although it may appear as though there is a glut of homes on the market, this is when they sell the best.

•   The second best time is fall — September and October. This is back to school time, and before Jack Frost really bites. However, in some parts of Canada where the warm season lingers, early November is often included in this selling period.

•  People do not want to buy a house in the middle of December or during the festive season. They feel unsure about spending money at a time when there are huge demands on purse strings and wallets.

•  Beware of elections, it is difficult to make the sign on your lawn stand out.

•  Remember, poor times to sell are good times to buy!

Choosing A Closing Date

Don't forget, registry offices are closed on weekends and statutory holidays. Also, try to avoid closing on the first or last day of the month because:

•   movers are generally busier on these days.

•   registry offices are extremely hectic, and the paperwork needed to close your deal may be difficult to expedite. There is nothing worse than loading furniture into a truck that you have rented by the hour, and then having to wait outside the new house. Meanwhile, your lawyer is waiting for the registry office to complete the papers on your sale, so a cheque can be exchanged for the key to your new home. Bad timing is not only time consuming, but very expensive.