Selling a house privately can be exciting, nerve shattering, frightening and a lot of fun. We did it and saved thousands of dollars. With our help, we know that you can do it too.

Location, location, location

The value of homes in Canada has risen dramatically. For example, a house that sold for $60,000 ten years ago can have a price tag of $350,000 today. Consequently, the cost of buying and selling has risen too. The 6 percent real estate commission for a multiple listing, when applied to our example, has risen from $3,600 to an astounding $21,000. This is an amazing amount of money to pay for a service when you consider that the average Canadian annual family income is $25,000. By selling your home privately, you will save this enormous fee, but at the same time you will be earning it.

The scariest thing for most people about selling their own home is that they feel inadequate to the task. The first-time home seller needs to learn the tricks of the trade. This guide aims to give you the necessary information and the courage to sell your home without a real estate agent. We will teach you it is important that you have a realistic view of what you have to sell. We begin by showing you how to examine the best selling features of your property.

You will hear that the most desirable features of a property are location, location and location. That means that where the property is located is most often more important than what it looks like. You cannot change your home's location, but when you decide to sell it, if you make the most of the features that your home has you will get top dollar. By diligently following the advice in this guide, you will learn to enhance all the selling features of your house and use them to get market price. You will learn how to assess the market value of your home, prepare it for sale, put it on the market, deal confidently with the legal and financial matters, and close the sale.

You can do it. Good luck!