Testatum. Consideration.


Operative words.


General words.

(c) If the deed were dated at any time between the month of May, 1841 (the date of the statute 4 & 5 Vict. c. 21; ante, pp. 172, 179), and the first of January, 1815 (the time of the commencement of the operation of the Transfer of Property Act, ante, p. 172), the form would be as follows: - "He the said A. B. Doth by these "presents (being a deed of release "made in pursuance of an Act of "Parliament made and passed in "the fourth year of the reign of "her present Majesty Queen Vic-"toria intituled An Act for ren-"deiing a Release as effectual for "the Conveyance of Freehold Es-"tates as a Lease and Release by "the same Parties)

Covenants for title.


And all deeds.


Uses to bar dower.

(d) If the dower of C. D.'s widow should not be intended to be barred, the form would hero simply be " To the use of the said "C. D. his heirs and assigns for « ever."

That the vendor is seised in fee.

That the vendor has good right to convey.

For qnict enjoyment.

(e) See ante, pp. 77, 78.

(f) See ante, p. 427.

For freedom from incumbrances.

For further assurance.

(g) The word that is here a pronoun.

On the back is endorsed the attestation and further receipt as follows: -

Signed sealed and delivered by the within-named A. B. C. D. and Y. Z. in the presence of

John Doe of London Gent. Richard Roe Clerk to Mr. Doe.

Received the day and year first within written of and from the within-named C. D. the sumj of One Thousand Pounds being the consideration within mentioned to be paid by him to! me.


Witness John Doe

Richard Roe.

(Signed) A. B.