1901. 504 pages. $3.75 delivered.

By Robert M. Hughes, M. A.

Table Of Contents

The Origin and History of the Admiralty, and its Extent in the United States.

Admiralty Jurisdiction as Governed by the Subject-matter.

General Average and Marine Insurance.

Bottomry and Respondentia; and Liens for Supplies, Repairs, and Other Necessaries.

Stevedores' Contracts, Canal Tolls, and Towage Contracts


Contracts of Affreightment and Charter Parties.

Water Carriage as Affected by the Hlarter Act Of February 13;, I893.,.

Admiralty Jurisdiction in Matters of Tort.

The Right of Action in Admiralty for Injuries Resulting Fatally.

Torts to the Property, and Herein of Collision.

The Steering and Sailing Rules.

Rules as to Narrow Channels, Special Circumstances, and General Precautions.

Damages in Collision Cases.

Vessel Ownership Independent of the Limited Liability Act.

Rights and Liabilities of Owners as Affected by the Limited Liability Act.

The Relative Priorities of Maritime Claims.

A Summary of Pleading and Practice.