A fee simple is also subject to alienation without the owner's consent, for it may be taken for taxes, and, at the present time, to

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Pay his debts.39 Land may also be taken from the owner under the power of eminent domain, but this can only be done on making compensation for the land so taken.40 Nor is there any way in which involuntary alienation may be avoided, except in a few states under the doctrine of spendthrift trusts.41 But an estate may be so limited to a man that it shall determine on any attempt at alienation, voluntary or involuntary, and so it will not be available to creditors.42 The restrictions on alienation by an owner in fee simple apply to lesser estates. If the owner of an estate in fee simple does not dispose of it during his life, it de scends to his heirs, and vests in them without any act on their part.43

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