13. The quantity of an estate signifies its duration. As to quantity estates are:

(a) Freeholds, which are:

(1) Of inheritance, comprising:

I. Fee simple (p. 35). II. Fee tail (p. 42).

(2) Not of inheritance, or life estates (p. 55).

(b) Less than freehold, which are:

(1) For years (p. 128).

(2) At will (p. 155).

(3) From year to year (p. 158).

(4) At sufferance (p. 163).

The quantity of an estate means almost the same thing as the length of time during which the owner of the estate is entitled to the use of the land.2 For example, a life estate gives its owner an interest as long as he lives. The estate greatest in quantity is the fee simple. Quantity does not, however, mean the absolute number of years that an estate is to continue. A leasehold for 2 years is an estate of the same quantity as one for 15 years, to wit, an estate for years,