The vendor has a lien upon the estate for the unpaid purchase-money: if, therefore, before payment the purchaser is in possession, Equity will restrain him from any act, - such as felling timber or even trees not timber, - by which the vendor's security might be endangered (o). If, however, only an inconsiderable part of the purchase-money remain unpaid, it is conceived that the vendor applying for an injunction, would have to satisfy the Court that the estate without the timber might be an insufficient security (p).

Vendor's lien on estate.

He may restrain a fall of timber by purchaser in possession.

It seems that if after the contract the vendor without consulting the purchaser lay out money on the property, e.g., in obtaining a renewal of the lease on which it is held, he will have no claim on the purchaser for the expenditure (q). The proper course, where expenditure of this nature requires to be incurred for the preservation of the property, is to communicate with the purchaser and ascertain his wishes.

Expenditure by vendor on property before completion.