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Abc Guide To The Practice Of The Supreme Court, 1930. Net, 10s.6d.

Accidents. - Roberts and Gibb. Vide Collisions on

Land. Admiralty. - Roscoe's Admiralty Practice. Fourth Edition. 1920. Net, 21. 2s

Adulteration. - Bartley's Adulteration of Food.-fourth Edition. 1929. Net, 12s. 6d.

Advocacy. - Harris' Hints on Advocacy. - Sixteenth Edition. With an Introduction by His Honour Judge Parry. 1926. Net, 10s.

Agricultural Holdings.-spencer's Agricultural Holdings. - Seventh Edition. 1924. Net, 10s. 6d

Annotated Acts. - Reprinted from Chitty's Annual Statutes. With an Introduction, Notes and Index: - Administration of Estates Act, 1925. Companies Act, 1929. Net, 8s. d.

Education Act, 1922. Net, 6ss. 6d.

Electricity Supply Act, 1926. Net, 4s.

Income Tax Act, 1918. Net. 12s. 6d.

Land Charges Act, 1925.

Landlord and Tenant Act, 1927. Net, 7s. 6d.

National Health Insurance Act, 1924. Net, 6s.

Property Act, 1925.

Property Act, 1922 (the unrepealed flections relating to Copyholds and Manorial Incidentes). Net, 5s.

Railway Act, 1922. Net, 5s.

Settled Land Act, 1925. Net, 4s.

Trustee Act, 1925. Net, 4s.

Annual County Courts Practice, 1930. Net, 2l.

Annual Digest, 1929. Net, 20s.

Annual Practice, 1930. Net, 2l.

Annual Statutes, 1929. Net, 1l. 5s.

Apportionment Tables. - Bolton's Apportionment Tables. - 1927. Net, 25s.

Arbitration. - Russell's Arbitration and Awards-eleventh Edition. By W. Bowstrad. 1923. Net, 21. 2s.

Architect - Brice's Law relating to the Architect. 1925. Net, 10s.

Average. - Lowndes' Law of General Average.-english and Foreign. Sixth Edition. By E. L. de Hart and G. R. Rudolf. 1922. 2l. 2s.

Rudolf. Tide York-antwerp Rules.

Bankruptcy. - Williams' Law and Practice in Bankruptcy. - Thirteenth Edition. 1926. Net,2l.l0s.

Bills Of Exchange. - Chalmers' Bills of Exchange.

Ninth Edition. 1927. Net, 1l. 5s.

Bills Of Lading. - Thompson's Outline of the Law relating to Bills of Lading. 1925. Net, 12s. 6d.

C.I.F. Contracts. - Kennedy's C.i.f. Contracts. Second Edition. 1928. 10s.

Carriers - Carver's Carriage of Goods by Sea.-seventh Edition. By Jambs S. Henderson. 1925. Net, 21. 10s.

Disney. - Vide Railways.

Macnamara's Law of Carriers of Merchandise and

Passengers by Land. - Third Edition. 1925. Net,2l.

Temperley's Carriage of Goods by Sea Act, 1924.

- Third Edition. 1927. Net,7s.6d.

Chancery. - Danlell's Chancery Practice. - Eighth Edition. 2 vols. 1914. 5l. 5s. Danlell's Chancery Forms and Precedents. - Sixth

Edition. 1914. 21. 10s.

CIVIL Actions. - Roscoe's Digest of the Law of Evidence on the Trial of Civil Actions. - Nineteenth

Ed. By James S.henderson. 2 vols. 1922. Net, 31. 3s.

A thin paper edition in one volume may be had at the same price.

Collisions At Sea. - Marsden's Collisions at Sea.-eighth Edition. By A. D. Gibb. 1923. 1l. 15s.

Roscoe's Measure of Damages in Actions of Maritime Collisions. - Third Edition. 1929. Net, 12s. 6d.

Collisions On Land. - Roberts and Gibb's Law of Collisions on Land. - Second Edition. 1929. Net, 15s.

Colonies And Dominions. The King's Republics.

- By H. J. Schlosberg, Advocate of the Supreme Court of South Africa. 1929. 7s. 6d.

Company Law.-buckley's Law and Practice under the Companies Act. - Eleventh Edition. 1930.

Net, 2l. 12s. 6d. Palmer's Company Law. - Thirteenth Edition. By

Alfred F. Topham, K.c. 1929. Net, 25s.

Palmer's Company Precedents. - Thirteenth Edition.

Part I. General Forms. 1927. Net, 3l. 10s.

Part II. Winding up. 1927. Net, 3l..

Part Hi. Debentures. 1927. Net, 2l.

A Supplement to Company Precedents containing amendments in the Precedents and Notes consequent upon the Companies Act, 1929. With an Appendix containing the Act and Rules of 1929. 1930. Net, 1l

Palmer's Private Companies. - Thirty-sixth Edition. 1930. Net, 2s.

Palmer's Shareholders' and Directors' Legal Companion. - Thirty-third Edition. 1930. Net, 4s.

Compensation. - Cripps' Principles of the Law of Compensation. - Sixth Edition. By Aubrey T. Lawrence and R. Stafford Cripps. 1922. Net, 35s.

Gordon's Compulsory Acquisition of Land and Compensation. - By R. A. Gordon, K.c. 1929. Net, 10s.

Conflict Of Laws. - Burgin and Fletcher's Students' Conflict of Laws. 1928. Net, 20s.

Dicey's Digest of the Law of England with reference to the Conflict of Laws. - Fourth Edition. 1927. Net, 2l. l2s. 6d.

Constitutional Law. - Ridges' Constitutional Law.

- Fourth Edition. By Sidney E. Williams. 1928.

Net, 20s.

Contracts - Leake's Principles of the Law of Contracts. - Seventh Edition. 1921. Net, 2l 10s.

Pollock's Principles of Contract. - Ninth Edition. 1921. Net, 2l. 2s.

Roberts'principles of the Law of Contract. 1923. l0s.

Conveyancing - Brickdale's Land Registration.third Edition. By Sir Charles Fortbscue Brickdale and John S. Stewart-wallace, C.b. 1927. Net, 2l. 10s. Prideaux's Forms and Precedents in Conveyancing. - With Dissertations and Notes on its Law and Practice. Twenty-second Edition. By Sir Benjamin L. Cherry and J. R. P. Maxwell. 3 vols. 1926. Net, 6l. 6s.

Coroners. - Jervis on Coroners. - Seventh Edition. By

F. Danford Thomas, Coroner. 1927. Net, 21s.

Costs - Calton's Tables of Conveyancing Costs. 1928.

Net, 5s.

Criminal Law. - Archbold's Pleading, Evidence and

Practice in Criminal Cases. - Twenty-seventh Edit.

By R. E. Ross. 1927. Net, 2l. 12s. 6d.

Disney's Criminal Law. - Seoond Edit. 1926. Net, 10s.