Provision (A) of Rule 20. If Annual Ground Rent is Not Uniform. If the annual ground rental during the entire term of the lease is not uniform, the charge shall be made on the value of the land as determined by the average annual ground rental capitalized as aforesaid.

Provision (B) of Rule 20. If Lease Contains Provision for Re-appraisement. If the lease contains a clause providing for reappraisement of the ground by appraisers during the term of the lease, the average annual rental between the date of lease and the date set for the first appraisement shall be taken as the basis on which to compute the total rental for the entire term.

Rule 21. If Other Consideration is Paid by Lessee in Addition to Rent. In any case, if cash or other consideration is paid in addition to the ground rent, the amount of such cash, or value of such consideration, shall be added to and become a part of the capitalized value on which the charge shall be figured.

Form 7. - Commissions on Sales. Chicago, Illinois.

By-laws. Section V.

Charges for making sales of Real Estate.

Rule 22. On a sale of $2,000 or less, 5%, but no charge shall be less than $25.

Rule 23.

On a sale over $ 2,000 up to and including $ 3,000...........


Rule 24.

On a sale over $ 3,000 up to and including $ 4,000. .............


Rule 25.

On a sale over $ 4,000 up to and includind $ 5,000 ............


Rule 26.

On a sale over $ 5,000 up to and including $ 6,000................


Rule 27.

On a sale over $ 6,000 up to and including $ 7,000.................


Rule 28.

On a sale over $ 7,000 up to and including $ 8,000...........


Rule 29.

On a sale over $ 8,000 up to and including $ 9,000...........


Rule 30.

On a sale over $ 9,000 up to and including $ 10,000.....


Rule 31.

On a sale exeeding $ 10,000..................


The above schedule does not apply to the handling of subdivisions where the charge shall be a matter of contract.

Rule 32. Selling Acre and Farm Property. In selling or exchanging acre property, outside of Cook County, or farm lands located in said County, the charge shall be five per cent. (5%).

Rule 33. Selling Leaseholds. For selling Leaseholds of buildings, or parts thereof, charge for the unexpired term of the lease the same rates as are provided in Section I1, as if a new lease were made, plus 20 per cent. of the bonus.

For selling Ground Leases and Improvements, charge 4 per cent, on the amount of the sale price of the leasehold interest and improvements, plus 1 per cent, on the value of the ground as determined by capitalizing on a 4 per cent, basis the annual ground rental being paid at the time of sale.

Rule 34. Exchanges. In case of exchanges of property, a full commission, based upon the sale price, shall be paid by each party, the same as if a sale of each property had been made.

Rule 35. What Shall Constitute Sale Price. All charges herein provided for the sale or exchange of real estate and the sale of leaseholds and buildings, shall be based upon the sale price, meaning thereby that if the sale is made subject to a mortgage or mortgages the sale price shall be construed to mean the price of the equity, plus the encumbrances.

Form 8. - Loan Charges and Valuation Fees. Chicago, Illinois.

(a) By-laws. Section VI.

Rule 36. Real Estate Loans. On Real Estate Loans the mortgagor shall pay two and one-half per cent. (2%) on the amount of the loan, and in addition thereto the attorney's fees for the examination of title, Recorder's fees for recording the necessary loan papers, and the cost of Guaranty Policy, and of continuation of the Abstract of Title brought down to include the record of the deed securing the loan.

Rule 37. Renewal of Loans. For renewal of loans the mortgagor shall pay at the same rate as provided in the preceding paragraph of this Section.

(b) By-laws. Section VII.

For making valuations on real estate, members shall not charge less than the following amounts:

On amounts not exceeding $10,000, charge $25.

On amounts over $10,000 and not exceeding $30,000, charge $25 on the first $10,000 and $2 per thousand on excess, up to and including $30,000.

On all amounts over $30,000 and not exceeding $200,000, $1 per thousand on excess over $30,000 with a further charge of 75 cents per thousand on amounts over $200,000.

The above are the minimum fees to be charged for ordinary valuation services, but where a member is called upon to make a special valuation he shall charge according to the service rendered.

1 See Form 5 supra.

Form 9. - Brokers' Rules, Fees, Charges and Commissions. Cook County, Illinois.1

Rules and Regulations.

The members of the Cook County Real Estate Board are requested not to advertise or offer to sell or loan money on real estate without commission.

All applicants for Active Membership in the Cook County Real Estate Board shall be regular licensed brokers.

No member shall solicit business from owners represented by other members of the Cook County Real Estate Board, by offering less than Real Estate Board rates of commission, rebates or other money inducements.

It is the duty of a member having a purchaser or applicant for the purchase, lease or loan of premises represented by another member under authorization of the owner, to communicate with such member whose agency is known or ascertained while negotiations are in progress, and negotiate the sale, lease or loan through such agent member, and the duty is reciprocal on the part of the member having the agency of the property to negotiate with a member bringing a purchaser or applicant for lease or loan, and in either case to make satisfactory arrangements for division of commissions.

The following resolution was passed by the members of the Cook County Real Estate Board at their meeting held November 10, 1908:

"Resolved: That it is the sense of the Cook County Real Estate Board that the best results in selling Chicago real estate are obtained by placing the sale exclusively with one broker, and the Members of this Board stand pledged to render each other active assistance in selling property listed exclusively with any member of this Board."

Schedule of Commissions and Charges.

(a) Commissions for Making Sales of Real Estate in Cook County, ILL.

(1) On a sale of $500 or less, $25.

(2) On a sale of $500 to $2,000, 5% of sale price.

(3) On a sale

Over $2,000 up to and including $ 3,000..........................


Over $3,000 up to and including $ 4,000..........................


Over $ 4,000 up to and including $ 5,000..........................................................


Over $5,000 up to and including $ 6,000..........................


Over $6,000 up to and including $ 7,000..........................


Over $7,000 up to and including $ 8,000..........................


Over $8,000 up to and including $ 9,000..........................


Over $9,000 up to and including $10,000..........................


(4) On a sale exceeding $10,000, 2%-