(f) Renewals of Leases.

To brokers negotiating original leases and employed for renewals, without increase of rental over that named in the original leases, one-half the regular leasing commissions payable upon such renewals; when rental is increased, full leasing commissions.

(g) Sales Under Options.

To the broker negotiating a lease containing an option of sale, if option is availed of, full commissions for both lease and sale, but not to exceed in amount the commissions chargeable upon the total amount received by the owner from both sale and lease.

(h) Care and Management of Estates.

On amount of rent collected.............................

5 %

(i) Minimum Charge.

For sale, mortgage or lease .......................


Form 14. - Commission Rate Schedule. Jersey City, New Jersey.1

The following Commission Rates and Conditions will govern until written notice of change is promulgated by the Association.

(a) For the Renting and Collecting of Rents of Property of Individuals, Estates, Etc., with sole charge upon the distinct understanding that the engagement is made by the year, and for a term of not less than one year .............................................. 5 % and that in case of change of management before the year ends, full commission is to be paid on the advance rents for the balance of year on all agreements, if by month or year, and on unexpired leases a rental commission is to be paid to their expiration at the schedule rates. Special Agreements may be made to collect rents on leases, if same have been made independent of member's office.

(b) For Looking After Repairs, Taxes, Water Rents, Insurance, Interest, Etc., and for the payment of the same, special rates may be made.

(c) For Renting or Leasing Dwellings, Business and other City property, when rented for one year or less, and the

annual rent is under $300......................


When rented for less or more than one year, and not exceeding five years, and the annual rent is $300 or

over, on the year or term rent .........................


When rented for a term exceeding five years, on the gross

rent for the exceeding term.....................


If there is a hold over, a renewal, or privilege given for renewal or renewals, and the option is taken, on the

gross rent for the term or terms .............


Country property on like conditions ...........................

5 %

Commissions Payable by the landlord when the agreement is complete or lease is executed. If Members' Bill Is Put Up, one-half commission will invariably be charged if the premises are hired by the occupant. One-Half the above rates will in all cases be charged if the premises are rented by the owner, or by any other agent or broker, unless by special agreement otherwise. No Charge Made for Drawing Ordinary Leases. There is Objection to Taking Houses or other property to rent that are offered by other agents unless by special arrangements, as much annoyance is avoided to the owner, the occupant and those looking. Owners having property registered on members' books are requested to notify them at once in case they rent or lease the property themselves, or through other agents or brokers. Positively no Refusal will be given of any property unless by authority of owner, and no charge is made for registering property, if nothing is done. For Attendance on Cases in Court, the charge will be a reasonable fee and costs.

1 Schedule adopted by the Board of Real Estate Brokers of Jersey City and Vicinity, September 29, 1903.

(d) Fob Sales or Exchanges of City Property, when the

purchase money does not amount to $1,000 ..................


When the purchase money amounts to $1,000 or over, on

the gross amount of sale ........................


Water Front and Country Property, on the gross amount of


5 %

Laws N. J. Sales, G. S., Page 1604, S. 10:

"No broker or real estate agent, selling or exchanging land for or on account of the owner, shall be entitled to any commission for the sale or exchange of any real estate, unless the authority for selling or exchanging such land is in writing, and signed by the owner or his authorized agent, and the rate of commission on the dollar shall have been stated in such authority."

In Exchanges of property full commission shall be paid on each side as per schedule.

Commissions Payable by seller when contract is signed; full commissions will be charged seller if sales are made from information obtained through a member's office.

A Defective Title will not invalidate claim for commission.

No Charge is Made for Registering Property for Sale.

Owners having property registered on members' books are requested to notify them at once in case they effect a sale themselves or through other agents or brokers.

(e) Fob Negotiating Mortgages or Obtaining Loans on City or Country Property, commissions fixed by statute, Search Fees and Expenses additional and per annum..



(f) Fob Appraisal of City Property, Lot or House and

Lot, at member's office ...........................




When personal examination is required, and the valua-

tion is under $4,000, expenses and .......................


When personal examination is required, and the valua-

tion is under $4,000, expenses and .....................



Country property on the valuation, expenses and ..................


(g) Official Appraisements by an Appraisal Committee of the Association will be made on request to the Association at their headquarters, and a certificate issued. -

Minimum charge for committee Appraisal ..............


Minimum charge for Single Member's Appraisal......


Appraisement Fees and Expenses are payable in advance, except on personal examinations, then a deposit, and balance on receipt of valuation in writing.

(h) Fob Auction Sales of Real Estate, advertising expenses, adjusted to suit, and on the gross amount of sale




(i) Of Securities, advertising expense of $2 per block, $3

minimum commission charge, and on the par or over..



(j) Of Personal Property. advertising expenses ($5 minimum commission charge), and on the gross amount of

sale .............................................


Form 15. - Schedule of Brokers' Commissions. Denver, Colorado.1

(a) Commission on Sales.

5% on first $2,500; 2% on the excess.

(b) Commission on Exchanges. Subject to agreement.

(c) Commission on Loans.

In the City of Denver, 2%

Outside the City of Denver, as per agreement.

(d) Commission on Rentals and Leases.

Stores, business property, residence property and ground leases:

(1) Lease not exceeding five years, charge on amount of total rental, 2%.

Where term exceeds five years, charge 2% for first five years, and 1% for each additional annual rental up to and including a period of twenty-five years. For all time in excess of twenty-five years, of 1%. If annual rental (as in some ground leases) is subject to change through reappraisal at various periods, the commission to be based on average annual rental for first ten years. The same charge to apply on assignment or sale of a lease. All commissions payable on execution or assignment of lease.

A minimum charge to be made in any case for leasing property shall be $5.

A charge of not less than $2.50 shall be made for making or checking over inventory of furnished house.

(2) Should there be a clause in the lease giving the lessee an option to purchase the property, and should he avail himself of said option, the owner is to pay the agent commission in full for a real estate sale, provided commission already paid does not equal or exceed amount of the sale commission.

(3) Where a tenant has privilege for "renewal" expressed in lease, it is to be understood that the owner of the property shall pay commission for said rental at the same rate as though the lease, when first written, had covered the whole term. This commission is to be paid at the time of the renewal.

(4) For procuring tenant on "monthly tenancy," 20% of first month's rent. In no case shall the charge be less than $1.

(5) For leasing of property and collection of rents, a charge of not less than 5% shall be made on all collections. $1 per month to be the minimum charge to any one property owner.

Form 16. - Schedule of Fees, Charges and Commissions. San Francisco, California.2

2% of first year's rent, and 1% of each year's rent thereafter, (b) Monthly Lease.

10% of first month's rent.

1 In force under the rule of the Denver Real Estate Exchange on January 1, 1910. 2The San Francisco Real Estate Board states that this is the only schedule of rates adopted by that Board.