Probably no book was ever written in which, upon completion, an honest author could not see opportunities for improvement. And, in the law, where new principles are being evolved and old principles are being wrested to fit new situations, the period which has elapsed since the publication of "The Law of Real Estate Brokers" will well justify the presentation of additional authorities and material.

No endeavor will be made to summarize the additions which these supplemental pages supply. A cursory investigation will satisfy the reader that all of the added material relates to substantial and essential principles and problems of the subject matter of the volume.

In some of the sections of this supplement cross-references have been made to other sections. Wherever this occurs, the section referred to should be consulted both in the supplemental pages and in the original volume. Such references are frequently intended to call the reader's attention to the original text where a related or antithetical feature is discussed.

Fred L. Gross.

189 Montague Street, Brooklyn, New York, June 1, 1917.

The Law of Real Estate Brokers 1917 Supplement

Part I - Powers, Authority and Rights of Broker

Supp. Ch. I. Introductory

Sec. 2. Application Of Term ( P. 19)* Add To Footnote 3:

Geddes v. Van Rhec, 126 Minn. 517; 148 N. W. 549 (1914).