In speaking of the development of the Bronx one must consider a great many factors. In the first place, every section must have within itself some one thing to bring people there, and to keep them there after they arrive, and to distribute money among them. That means that we should have - and we have it - a large money distributing factor in the manufacturing interests of the Bronx. The first factory founded up there was the Jordan L. Mott Iron Works, started about 1830 or 1840. One factory followed another until the Mott Haven district and North New York district were rapidly built up. When, in 1890, the flats were commenced they were rapidly filled by the factory population, and made a paying investment.

The line of development then followed the elevated railroad, which started up there in 1890 and first ran to the Harlem River and then to 170th Street. Later we obtained through trains for one fare, from the Battery to Tremont. All these things caused a rapid growth along the lines of Third Avenue and the elevated railroad. The development of the Bronx, and, in fact, of any suburban district, will be along the line of transit facilities. That has been the history of every section.