Now begins the final work of the broker. He must ascertain in a general way what property in the territory he elects to cover is for sale, and this means an individual canvass, either by personal interview or by letter, of all the property owners. This gives a general idea of his market. He finds that almost all property is for sale but at prohibitive prices, and it behooves him to use the finesse of his business to find out who really would sell. There are several ways, but all lead back to his records. One way is to see from the daily papers who is selling, and see if that party holds more property in a neighborhood in which our broker might interest a customer. The alphabetical list of the Real Estate Directory will give this information. Owners who permit a "for sale" sign to be placed on their houses are as a rule anxious to sell, and a broker should keep a careful watch for the signs of rival brokers, either through his own office machinery, or by the aid of a service designed for this purpose by the Realty Records Co.