Combustible Materials, etc. - No tenement house, nor any part of it may be used as a place of storage for any combustible article, except with a written permit from the Fire Department; nor shall any tenement house nor any part thereof be used under any circumstances for the storage of any article dangerous to life or health; nor for the storage of hay, feed, straw or cotton; nor for the storage or handling of rags. No bakery and no fat boiling may be maintained in any tenement house that is not fireproof throughout, unless the ceiling and side walls of the bakery or place where the fat boiling is done are made safe by fireproof material around the same. Transoms or windows opening into the halls from any portion of the building where paint, oil, spirituous liquors or drugs are kept for the purpose of sale or otherwise must be glazed with wireglass or closed up as solidly as the rest of the wall, and all doors leading into the hall from that part of the tenement house must be made fireproof.