The second grand division of the mortgage business depends on the knowledge of the date of expiration of existing mortgages. There are two methods of following up this information, either for the broker to tabulate expirations in his own office from the Record and Guide Quarterly, or to purchase lists of expiring mortgages three months in advance of maturity, as published in the Mortgage Indicator.

This Mortgage Indicator gives a transcript of the instrument, the channel through which the money came originally, and the name and address of the present owner of the property. The broker should communicate with both the owner of the property and the holder of the mortgage, especially when the rate of interest on the old mortgage differs from the rate prevailing at the date of maturity.

A careful study of the personal idiosyncracies of the lenders must be made. Where they prefer to lend, the character of the property and rate of interest, and most particularly, when they are in funds.