Then the matter of proving titles to the various parcels affected is taken up. Formerly titles were proved before the Commissioners, but this was too expensive to the city, and in order to reduce the cost of these proceedings and the number of hearings before the Commissioners, it was determined that titles be proved before the Corporation Counsel. Therefore, the question of title does not come before the Commissioners at all, unless a point is raised by the Corporation Counsel.

The owners then prove value and their witnesses are submitted to the cross-examination of the City and by the attorneys for the owners. Both sides sum up and the proceeding closes. Notice of the preliminary report of the Commissioners is given by publication. If any objections are found by the owners to the preliminary report, they are submitted in writing and filed. Objections are heard before the Commissioners. The final report is then made and notice that the final report will be presented for confirmation is published, at which time title to the property affected vests in the City of New York.