The prosperity of the tenant is to the interest of the building. If he cannot make a success of his business he must move; if he succeeds he will stay on. The manager, therefore, must see to it that everything reasonable is done to help the tenant succeed. Halls and offices must be always in beautiful condition. Elevator service must be such as makes it almost as convenient to visit the man on the twentieth story as to drop into a street level store. He must be certain that every one who comes to seek a tenant is helped to find him and is treated courteously by hall men, elevator men and other employees. Any attendant who was discourteous to any one, stranger or not, should be discharged.

For my part, I would much rather an elevator man was rude to a tenant than to a customer of a tenant. For the tenant's standing is affected by the tone of the building just as a building is affected by the character of its tenants. Similarly, the manager, through the superintendent, should see to it that the offices of the tenants, as far as walls and floors and trim are concerned, are kept up to the standard. It is well to have a superintendent inspect every room once in a while to see what should be done. In his relations with tenants, the manager must strive to make friends. He will find that few tenants are unreasonable in their demands - that is, as far as high-class office buildings are concerned. In his dealings with them the positive attitude is important. If he agrees to repairs, he should see that they are carried through at once. If the repairs cannot be made, he should say so and not hedge. Complaints should be followed up closely. But the wise agent will, as far as possible, direct tenants to the superintendent of the building on the matters that are directly within his province. These employees, from the head down to the scrubwomen, the agent should see, are the sort of people who can fill their positions successfully and who will in their dealings with the public carry out the policy of the building. If it is important that the building service staff be always polite and attentive, it is essential that every one within the manager's office be especially careful in all his dealings with tenants - establish a reputation of regarding the interests of tenants as paramount.