Dear Lord Balfour,

It has been suggested to me on several occasions that some notes upon the proposal to levy rates in respect of site values, which I made when I was Secretary to the Royal Commission on Local Taxation, would, if published, prove of some use to those who wish to study this subject.

The lamented and untimely death of my friend and colleague, in the Secretaryship of that Commission, Theodore Llewelyn Davies, has prompted me to act on this suggestion, in order that the opportunity may be taken of associating his name with a subject to which he had devoted much time, and on which he was a recognised authority,

Some weeks before his death he stated that in reviewing the work which he had undertaken during his career, none gave him greater satisfaction than his contributions to this question.

By his advice these notes were added to in certain particulars, and he wrote Chapter VIII. himself.

Yours very truly,

Arthur Wilson Fox.

To the Lord Balfour of Burleigh, K.T., Chairman of the Commission.

The proofs of this little volume have been revised for press by Mr. E. J. E. Craven, whose services as Chief of the Staff on the Royal Commission, the Author gratefully acknowledges.

The Marginal References are to the Reports of the Royal Commission on Local Taxation, unless otherwise stated.