Another point which calls for care is a definite statement of the total amount of the sale. For example, the agreement may be granted for a nominal consideration of $100, and may provide that, on the payment of $1,000 by the purchaser, title will be conveyed to him. These two amounts usually appear in different parts of the agreement, and there is frequently some doubt as to whether the original $100 is to be included in the $1,000 or added to it. It is advisable, therefore, that the clause stating the amount of the consideration be clearly stated, as follows:

"The lessor convenants and agrees to and with the lessee that, if the lessee shall, during said term, well and truly pay the rent hereby reserved, including the taxes and other payments for which he is liable, and fully and promptly perform and carry out each and every, the convenants and undertakings on his part, and if, during the term of this lease, the lessee shall have paid the lessor the full sum of ......................................Dollars, exclusive of the sum named as the consideration of this instrument, with interest at the rate of........per cent per annum on the unpaid portion of said purchase price, as hereinbefore provided, then and in that event the lessor shall convey or cause to be conveyed to the lessee a good and sufficient title in fee to the lands herein described."

The consideration for the agreement is, of course, the first payment on the purchase.