Inasmuch as such a statement shows all ledger balances, it is a trial balance; it is also much more, as will be seen if we consider a few of the accounts shown in the statement on pages 267 to 270.

"Advertising" shows a debit balance of $12,114.02. The monthly columns show that of this amount $783.03 has been spent during the last month.

"Real Estate" with a debit balance of $483,130.13 is seen to have increased (probably owing to purchases or cancellations) by $855, and has been decreased (probably by sales) by $148.52. In such a case, a reference to the ledger will quickly enable one to ascertain the exact cause.

"Bills payable" shows that there are outstanding notes amounting to $81,340; that during the month $11,889.44 has been paid off and $10,000 has been borrowed.

"Contracts" account shows that new contracts to the amount of $8,539.55 have been made during the month, while $7,229.04 has been credited by cash allowances and cancellations.

By grouping the accounts, we learn that our total net expenses for the month have been $7,832.57 ($7,880.12 - $47.55) and, for the period, $84,682.38.

The value of such information presented clearly and regularly to a management, is so obvious that further comment is unnecessary.